The 5 Best Toys for Golden Retrievers

In a recent observational study of Golden Retrievers, it appears their very favorite toy is the human being! They play for hours with humans, and drag them around every continent on the planet, not to mention training them to expeditiously deliver their favorite treats! Aside from their play-toy, the human being, there are some great toys on the market for our furry friends. The Kong Cozie Dog Squeaky toy is another big hit. The Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Plush Dog Squeaky Toy is another very popular toy for your Retriever. Of course, with a name like “Retriever,” we have to talk about Chuck It!! These are akin to tennis balls that are made from durable, high bounce rubber. Benebone also makes a bacon-flavored dog bone, which the human friends of the Golden Retriever will likely enjoy as well! Finally, the ever popular IQ dog treat ball will make them smarter and happier!


The Kong Cozy Dog Squeaky Toy is a big hit. There have been thousands of reviews on this dog-favorite toy. This was designed with owners as well as dogs in mind. It has minimal fill, so after they shred it, there will not be much of anything laying around! They designed with an extra layer of material to increase strength, and the squeak is sufficiently loud to encourage lots of play. This comes in several characters as well as colors, and can be purchased at major pet stores, or online at a host of places. This is also modestly priced, at anywhere from $4.90-$7.00, so you can stock up on this one that will keep your Retriever busy for hours.



The Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel Plush Dog Squeak Toy is a 4-piece, non-stop fun fest for your dog. It is made of durable material, and comes with 3 squeaky squirrels and a tree trunk to hide them in. Dogs will play with this for hours, and you will likely find these toy squirrels all around your home, car, yard and every where else your dog goes! It is moderately priced at about $8.00, and dogs seem to really enjoy this.

Benebone bacon-flavored bone


The thought of a human being on the floor wrestling with their dog over a bacon-flavored bone is a bit embarrassing, but this just might happen if you get your dog a Benebone bacon-flavored bone toy! This is made in a durable wishbone design, making it very easy to grab and bite. It is also made in the United States by a company that supports canine welfare. It is such a popular toy, and priced at roughly $12.00, you can feel comfortable buying it as this company stands by supporting the welfare of dogs, so you r money will be well-spent, not to mention your dog will be wildly happy!




ChuckIt! is a very popular ball for dogs, and they are manufactured in several sizes from small to XXL. This ball is orange and blue, and it is made from a natural high-bounce rubber source. The rubber nature of it makes it great for pools and ponds, and the color makes it easy to keep track of if you let your Golden Retriever have some fun in the ocean. Of course, that rubber nature may have leave your dog forlorn on shore watching their ball float away, alas this is why you should always buy extras! These can be purchased online and at major retailers coast-to-coast, and they cost around $7.00 for a 2-pack.



The IQ Treat Ball is fun for the whole family! There might not be a person in this hemisphere that is not completely entertained watching their dog try to wrestle a treat out of these balls. The important issue with this ball is that it also teaches them to figure out how to get the treats out. As they become better at it, you can increase the level of difficulty. It is a fun way to reward your dog, and thousands of dog owners agree this is a great toy. This is priced around $10.00 and is available at most pet store chains, and from a number of retailers online.

Even though humans have 32 less chromosomes than dogs, and perhaps maybe that ethereal deity anagram based on the letters used to spell dog are filling their heads with superciliousness, but in the end, we make great, great friends, and we will likely always be their favorite toy! Check out this post on the most famous Golden Retrievers!


Top 5 Most Famous Golden Retrievers


  1. Bailey the Golden Retriever: or Human?

Bailey is one of the most famous Golden Retrievers on the internet, and if you have any kids or teens, the chances are they have seen Bailey. Bailey is famous for acting like a human in funny photos—from reading at a desk with glasses perched on her nose, operating a Bobcat, watching TV in a robe and glasses eating popcorn, to working at the computer in the best formal wear, Bailey is the internet’s favorite Golden Retriever.

The latest photos of Bailey doing human things includes car-washing in a bikini top and jean shorts, playing poker with the buds, chopping wood in her best plaid button-up, and laying down on the floor and couch for some much needed rest and binge-watching on Netflix. You can see Bailey on any social media platform or just by a Google search—you’ll be glad you did. This Golden Retriever is going places—she may not know where that is, but places.

  1. Ray Charles: the Blind Golden Retriever

Don’t let sweet puppy Ray Charles fool you, his blindness has not negatively affected this energetic, adorable, and loved puppy’s life. In fact, when Ray was taken to the vet and it was discovered that he was born blind, Andrew Fales, a 24 year old who already had three Golden Retrievers of his own, took in and adopted Ray—Ray immediately left his little paw print on his new home, the internet, and all of our hearts.

Ray is extremely popular on the internet and fans have watched him grow and do silly things such as wearing sunglasses to wearing his pajamas while having a lie-in. Despite being blind, with the help of his Golden Retriever family and his dad, Andrew Fales, he has no problem making his way around the house and yard by using his sense of smell and familiarity with his home.

This loyal pup is living a happy life with a Golden Retriever family and a human dad who has made Ray famous online.


  1. Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Retriever, Gary

Jimmy Fallon’s daughter was born in 2013 and immediately gained herself a new bodyguard in the form of Gary, the Fallon family’s adorable Golden Retriever. This pup loves the little newborn human sister and has taken her role (yes, Gary is a girl pup!) as the big sister, watchdog, and best friend.

Jimmy Fallon shares his photos of the family Golden with his family, floating on a raft in the middle of the pool, and lounging around like this Golden Retriever should—what a ruff life!

  1. Pinkie, Best in Breed at the Westminster Dog Show

Pinkie is a Golden Retriever, but not just any Golden. Pinkie won Best in Breed at the Westminster Dog show. This famous and glamorous Golden Retriever is a beloved dog with a high class lifestyle and beauty ritual that will rival the rich and famous!

What makes Pinkie even more impressive is that Pinkie served as a surrogate mother to three orphaned Tiger cubs who lost their mother. Pinkie is beloved and took to her role as mother easily, raising those Tiger cubs like they were her own.

This makes Pinkie not only a famous show dog, who has competed and won numerous Westminster and other world renowned competitions, but she is also a special Golden Retriever who has taken orphaned cubs under her wing and mothered them. That’s a winning canine in my book!


  1. Adam Levine’s Golden Retriever, Charlie

Charlie is singer Adam Levine’s Golden Retriever, who joined the Maroon 5 and solo artist’s household when she was just a pup (yep, Charlie is a girl!). Levine and his fiancé, Bahati Prinsloo brought this lucky puppy into their lives and Charlie even had her debut on the singing competition, The Voice, where Adam, who acts as a Judge and Mentor on the show, pulled out all the stops and introduced the nation to his newest family member.

Levine lost his Golden Retriever, named Frankie Girl, the year prior, and missed having another dog in the home. Along with Bones, a mixed breed, Levine was more than happy to welcome another female Golden Retriever into his home—I’m not sure who is luckier, Adam Levine or Charlie!



How Long do Golden Retrievers Live?

Are you a new dog owner of a Golden Retriever? Perhaps you are researching dog breeds to figure out which puppy would be best for you? One of the most essential questions someone may ponder about a specific dog breed includes how long they are expected to live. Although it does not vary tremendously, different dog breeds do have different life expectancy. A German Shepherd is expected to live nine to thirteen years, while a chihuahua is expected to live ten to eighteen years. Knowing how long a dog breed is expected to live may help you in determining which dog breed is right for you. There may be unique individual reasons for wanting a dog with a shorter or longer life expectancy. On average the life span of a Golden Retriever is ten to thirteen years.

As a dog owner, knowing the expected life span of your dog can help you to prepare for how long they should be a part of your family. Of course, the vast majority of us want our beloved pets to be a part of our family for as long as possible. Being knowledgeable on the expected life span of your puppy can also help you in possibly prolonging their life. There are some things that you can do as an owner to possibly increase the lifespan of your dog. Think of it in the same way that we think of people. There is an average age in which we would be expected to live to. Unfortunately, not everyone makes it to that age.


Although your Golden Retriever is expected to live to at least ten or thirteen years, not every dog will make it that long. Some dogs may fall shortly before that, or due to extremely bad cases, there could be some sort of accident making their life even shorter. Of course, we hope that something like that never happens, but it is always a possibility. If your Golden Retriever does not have the proper food to eat and is not properly taken care of, this could definitely shorten the lifespan of your puppy. As the owner of a puppy, you need to be responsible and make sure that your dog has the proper food it needs to be healthy.

Depending on the way you raise your puppy and treat them, you could shorten or lengthen their lifespan. If your puppy eats healthy and gets the amount of exercise it needs, than it may be able to live even longer than the expected possible thirteen years. Another thing to keep into consideration is the safety of your dog. Make sure that your puppy does not have easy access to escaping your home. Puppies are curious and want to explore the world, just like young children. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the Golden Retriever puppy is safe in it’s home. Again, Golden Retriever puppies are expected to live ten to thirteen years, but if you provide them with all of their needs and lead them to a healthy life, you could definitely lengthen their lifespan. At the very least, by taking proper care of them, you will be able to create a healthy and happy dog for the time he/she is with you.


What Makes Golden Retrievers the Best Pet?

What Makes Golden Retrievers the Best Pet?

Golden retrievers are the most common family pets and it is not just because it is easy to get a puppy from a friend or neighbor when they are giving them away. This breed has certain qualities that make it perfect as a pet in comparison to other dogs. Here is what makes golden retrievers the best pets.

They are Friendly

Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend and golden retrievers take that very seriously. They are a very friendly breed not just to their owner but to everyone. In fact, they are so friendly they cannot be used as guard dogs. If you are looking for a dog that will not eat your cat, a golden retriever is just the right dog for the job. If you have kids, then this is one dog that you can feel your children are safe around. In some instances, they have even saved children from risky situations.

They Like to Play Catch

Golden retrievers like to retrieve things so that makes them the perfect dog to play catch with. From the time they are pups, they enjoy carrying things in their mouths so anytime you feel like playing catch, you can trust your golden retriever to indulge with enthusiasm. Actually dog trainers will encourage you to play with them often because they enjoy the exercise.


An intelligent dog can be used for a number of things. Golden retrievers are intelligent enough to be used as guide dogs for blind people, you can also teach them a number of tricks which makes them fun to have around. It is also much easier to teach them obedience since they can sense that you are not happy with them. A golden retriever is more likely to save you from a burning building because of its intelligence and strong sense of smell.


Golden retrievers are very energetic even when they grow up, even at 2 years old it will be as boisterous as it was as a puppy. If you have children, this is a very good pet for them because it will keep them entertained and active running around in the park and around the yard. Most children want a pet they can play with and this breed will do that. Even for an adult, having an energetic dog will mean you will have to take it jogging or walking often and that gets you to exercise as well. They can make good jogging partners.


They are very furry

Most pet lovers like to pet their pets and having a furry pet makes it even more enjoyable. A retriever is like having a fur coat that you can play with. Also, depressed people have reported feeling better when they pet and hug retrievers. These dogs are said to be very good for treating depression since they are able to comfort people even by just being around to keep them company. The fur of a retriever has a calming effect on most people.

Easy to train

Golden retrievers enjoy pleasing people and this makes them easy to train. Because they are very energetic and athletic, you need to be able to train them not to turn the house upside down and it is much easier because they will always try to make you happy by following your command. They are also followers and not leaders so they look to their master for guidance and instructions which makes them learn much faster and willingly.

Like water

Pets that like water are always going to be a joy to have. Bath time for starters will not be a hassle since they actually enjoy taking a birth, but most of all is the fact that you can enjoy vacations at the beach together since they will also get into the water to swim. They are actually fun swimming partners and you can even teach them to surf and enter them into competitions.

In general what makes golden retrievers the best pet is its overall personality, it is a dog that enjoys being around people and doing things that will make people happy and its face is so cute you just feel good having it around as it does not look as scary as some other pets.


Top Reasons to Own a Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the third most popular dog in the United States. For many people, the golden retriever is more or less the quintessential dog. When they think of dogs at all, they think of golden retrievers. When people decide to settle down in the suburbs with their picket fences and families, the dogs that people will usually imagine purchasing in order to complete the picture are Golden Retrievers.



Many dog owners are going to have their own top reasons to own a Golden Retriever. These dogs are highly valued for their intelligence and for their energetic personalities. While they can’t compete with sheepdogs and Labradors in terms of intelligence, Golden Retrievers were originally bred as hunting dogs. Hunting dogs require a certain baseline level of intelligence in order to be successful at their craft in the first place. Golden retrievers will certainly make excellent working dogs for anyone interested in owning dogs for purely practical reasons.

Many of the service dogs that people will see helping the blind are, in fact, Golden Retrievers. These dogs can be taught to perform a wide range of services and tasks, which helps make them valued pets and valued animals in general. Most people aren’t going to need Golden Retrievers for such specialized tasks. However, having an intelligent and personable pet around the house is still going to make all the difference for the people who want to experience a very strong bond with their animals. Some people are going to want to teach their dogs tricks for fun, but other people are just going to enjoy the experience of having responsive and communicative dogs. Intelligent dogs are easier to interact with, especially for children and people lacking in patience. Golden retrievers have qualities that make them great dogs in most situations.



People who love the outdoors should consider getting Golden Retrievers. These are great dogs to go camping with and great dogs to take for long walks and long hikes. People who live in small apartments and can’t give their Golden Retrievers enough exercise might want to think twice before getting these sorts of dogs. Golden Retrievers are not going to be happy living a sedentary lifestyle. However, the people who don’t lead sedentary lifestyles themselves are going to appreciate Golden Retrievers that much more, and they will be perfect for these sorts of families.

Family Dogs

People who are looking for the perfect family dogs should consider Golden Retrievers. They’re very friendly and sociable dogs, so they’ll be great for children. The fact that they’re very communicative is going to make them easier for children to interact with, and nearby adults will be able to monitor their behavior more effectively. Golden Retrievers are also the sorts of dogs that will encourage children to play outside and get exercise. These are the sorts of dogs that will quickly become part of the family. Some of the top reasons to own a Golden Retriever will be more valuable for some people than others, but overall, they paint a picture of the sort of dog that almost anyone would want.