Top 5 Most Famous Golden Retrievers


  1. Bailey the Golden Retriever: or Human?

Bailey is one of the most famous Golden Retrievers on the internet, and if you have any kids or teens, the chances are they have seen Bailey. Bailey is famous for acting like a human in funny photos—from reading at a desk with glasses perched on her nose, operating a Bobcat, watching TV in a robe and glasses eating popcorn, to working at the computer in the best formal wear, Bailey is the internet’s favorite Golden Retriever.

The latest photos of Bailey doing human things includes car-washing in a bikini top and jean shorts, playing poker with the buds, chopping wood in her best plaid button-up, and laying down on the floor and couch for some much needed rest and binge-watching on Netflix. You can see Bailey on any social media platform or just by a Google search—you’ll be glad you did. This Golden Retriever is going places—she may not know where that is, but places.

  1. Ray Charles: the Blind Golden Retriever

Don’t let sweet puppy Ray Charles fool you, his blindness has not negatively affected this energetic, adorable, and loved puppy’s life. In fact, when Ray was taken to the vet and it was discovered that he was born blind, Andrew Fales, a 24 year old who already had three Golden Retrievers of his own, took in and adopted Ray—Ray immediately left his little paw print on his new home, the internet, and all of our hearts.

Ray is extremely popular on the internet and fans have watched him grow and do silly things such as wearing sunglasses to wearing his pajamas while having a lie-in. Despite being blind, with the help of his Golden Retriever family and his dad, Andrew Fales, he has no problem making his way around the house and yard by using his sense of smell and familiarity with his home.

This loyal pup is living a happy life with a Golden Retriever family and a human dad who has made Ray famous online.


  1. Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Retriever, Gary

Jimmy Fallon’s daughter was born in 2013 and immediately gained herself a new bodyguard in the form of Gary, the Fallon family’s adorable Golden Retriever. This pup loves the little newborn human sister and has taken her role (yes, Gary is a girl pup!) as the big sister, watchdog, and best friend.

Jimmy Fallon shares his photos of the family Golden with his family, floating on a raft in the middle of the pool, and lounging around like this Golden Retriever should—what a ruff life!

  1. Pinkie, Best in Breed at the Westminster Dog Show

Pinkie is a Golden Retriever, but not just any Golden. Pinkie won Best in Breed at the Westminster Dog show. This famous and glamorous Golden Retriever is a beloved dog with a high class lifestyle and beauty ritual that will rival the rich and famous!

What makes Pinkie even more impressive is that Pinkie served as a surrogate mother to three orphaned Tiger cubs who lost their mother. Pinkie is beloved and took to her role as mother easily, raising those Tiger cubs like they were her own.

This makes Pinkie not only a famous show dog, who has competed and won numerous Westminster and other world renowned competitions, but she is also a special Golden Retriever who has taken orphaned cubs under her wing and mothered them. That’s a winning canine in my book!


  1. Adam Levine’s Golden Retriever, Charlie

Charlie is singer Adam Levine’s Golden Retriever, who joined the Maroon 5 and solo artist’s household when she was just a pup (yep, Charlie is a girl!). Levine and his fiancé, Bahati Prinsloo brought this lucky puppy into their lives and Charlie even had her debut on the singing competition, The Voice, where Adam, who acts as a Judge and Mentor on the show, pulled out all the stops and introduced the nation to his newest family member.

Levine lost his Golden Retriever, named Frankie Girl, the year prior, and missed having another dog in the home. Along with Bones, a mixed breed, Levine was more than happy to welcome another female Golden Retriever into his home—I’m not sure who is luckier, Adam Levine or Charlie!


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