Our Mission

Golden Retrievers in Cyberspace is dedicated to helping rescue golden retrievers in need. Our primary mission is helping senior and special needs golden retrievers who might otherwise be euthanized due to age or health. These dogs must be in a shelter, rescue program or other "urgent" situation to qualify for immediate assistance from GRiC. They must have good temperaments and be able to get along with other dogs.

The proceeds from all the "Golden Goods" sold through us go directly towards helping rescue golden retrievers in need. We have no paid employees--just volunteers--so all profits benefit the dogs in our program.

We also publish a newsletter — Golden Nuggets — approximately every other month. The focus of Golden Nuggets includes articles on health, training and rescue stories.

All rescue groups are encouraged to list their "Adoptable" golden retrievers (and yes, golden retriever mixes) on our Adoptable Goldens web page. Rescue groups are never charged for putting any information on our web pages. Our work is funded by sale of our "Golden Goods" and contributions from golden retriever lovers.