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Top 4 best Dry Dog Food for Golden Retrievers

Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food – Large Breed
NUTRO ULTRA Adult Dry Dog Food offers a meat-first recipe in a three protein blend of pasture-fed lamb, farm-raised chicken and seasonally-caught salmon to deliver natural nourishment with a taste dogs love.
Price: $35.99 – $51.99 4.7 – 136 Reviews
CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Dry Dog Food
Canidae Grain Free Pure Land with Bison Dry Dog Food. Premium food ideal for dogs with food sensitivities. The recipe starts with fresh bison, plus lamb meal, providing high-quality protein.
Price: $11.99 – $54.99 4.6 – 218 Reviews
Royal Canin Golden Retriever Dry Dog Food, 30-Pound Bag
The kibble’s shape, size, texture, and formula are adapted to the Golden Retriever. The skin and coat reflect the dog’s state of health. Golden Retriever Adult formula contains specific nutrients to help support healthy cardiac function.
Price: $52.19 4.4 – 58 Reviews
Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed
Instinct Raw Boost for Puppies and Large Breed Puppies brings you grain-free kibble plus freeze dried raw pieces together in the same bag-the perfect combination of convenience and nutrition to give puppies vibrant health.
Price: $52.19 4.4 – 58 Reviews

Lion Costume for Large Dogs

Price: $9.98 3.7 – 201Reviews

Another View of the Costume

Price: $9.98 3.7 – 201Reviews

Top 4 Top Rated Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed
52-inch Chocolate Bagel Style Pet Dog Bed. Heavy Duty, Durable fau and stuffed with Super Premium High Loft Polyester Fiber Fil.
Price: $31.99 - $84.99
4.6 - 218 Reviews
Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric
Elevated pet cot. Strong, durable knitted fabric suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Five-year fabric warranty against UV degradation.
Price: $26.99 4.4 - 3,964 Reviews
Armarkat Pet Bed - Waterproof Lining
Heavy duty canvas and Soft Plush with a waterproof and skid free base.
Price: $66.24 4.1 - 877 Reviews
Innergy Memory Foam Crate Mat
This bed mat contains 2-inch thick premium memory foam and is great for pets of all ages, especially pets with arthritis or bone, hip, or joint problems.
Price: $24.99
3.3 - 7 Reviews

Top 4 Best Treats for Golden Retrievers

Greenies Canine Dental Chews
The #1 vet-recommended dental chew, among veterinarians that recommend dental chews for at-home oral care. Proven to fight tartar buildup and plaque, freshen breath and maintain healthier teeth and gums.
Price: $12.80 - $26.99

4.7 - 6,586 Reviews
Wellness Natural Wheat Free Oven Baked Dog Treats
Wholesome, all natural crunchy, bite-sized dog biscuits oven-baked to preserve the natural flavors in all the varieties dogs love to catch, chew and eat.
Price: $16.63
4.6 - 385 Reviews
Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Natural Dog Treats
These P-Nuttier natural dog biscuits feature all natural ingredients, natural flavor with the delicious taste of peanut butter, molasses, apples and carrots.
Price: $12.59

4.5 - 1,030 Reviews
Dogswell Happy Hips Functional Dog Treats
Dogs well treats contains flaxseed and vitamins to help your pet maintain healthy eyes, skin and coat. Made from all natural ingredients and with added nutrients.
Price: $7.02 - $31.77
5.0 - 6 Reviews

Top 4 Best Crates, Gates and Play Pens

MidWest iCrate Folding Double Door Dog Crate
Designed completely for the safety, security, and comfort of your dog, the Midwest iCrate sets up anywhere in minutes with no tools required. You can also fold it up easily for quick storage or to take it somewhere else. An included divider panel helps cut housebreaking time in half by keeping your puppy from eliminating in one end of the crate and sleeping in the other. It also lets you adjust the living area’s length as your puppy grows into its adult-size home. The single-door iCrate with a satin black Electro-Coat finish also comes with an easy-cleaning ABS plastic pan, 2 comfortable ABS plastic carrying handles for crates longer than 36", and secure slide-bolt latches to keep your pet safely inside. The corners are rounded for extra security. Ideal for pets 71 to 90 pounds. Measures 42 x 28 x 30 inches.
Price: $17.12 - $83.99
4.6 - 7,262 Reviews
Midwest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate
Whether starting with a new puppy or starting again with an adult dog, this folding double-door metal dog crate cuts housebreaking time in half and reduces behavioral problems. The exceptionally versatile unit features a divider panel that allows for adjusting the length of the living area. Keeping the living space small enough reduces the chance of the puppy eliminating in one end and sleeping in the other. Choose the size of crate that the dog will need when it reaches its full adult size, as the divider can be adjusted as the puppy grows. For easy placement in an automobile or in the corner of a room, the dog crate also comes equipped with convenient double doors, which allow both side and front access.
Price: $48.28 - $99.99
4.7 - 3,928 Reviews
Extra Wide Walk-Thru Gate with Extensions Included
An essential tool for homes with pets, the Carlson Extra-Wide Walk-Through Pet Gate is a convenient, chew-proof way to contain and protect both your pet and home. Made of steel, the safety gate is designed with a pressure-mount system for easy installation and is ideal for extra-wide openings. This portable gate includes two extensions, giving you the option of covering openings in your house ranging from 29 to 44 inches. The walk-through design features a one-touch release handle so you can easily pass through even while carrying things. A 10-by-7-inch pet door lets small animals pass through while everyone else stays put.
Price: $38.39
4.4 - 2,330 Reviews
Midwest Black E-Coat Exercise Pen
Black E-coated Exercise Pen is made of durable black E-Coat finish for long lasting protection from corrosion and rust. It's easy to set up and available in five heights. This exercise pen includes the ground anchors, and folds flat for convenient storage. Feel free to explore and learn about this section and you might find the best Black E-coated Exercise Pen fit for your lovely pets. Would be perfect for training your puppy.
Price: $31.99 - $74.97
4.6 - 3,228 Reviews

General Overview of Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are a large breed of dog originally used to retrieve things shot down by hunters. They have a natural love for water, are easy to train and are incredibly friendly. Their long fur requires regular grooming and they need to live an active lifestyle. There are three distinct types of golden retriever (the British, American and Canadian types), but they all share similar coat and health characteristics.


The British type of golden retriever features a broader skull, muscular forequarters, a lighter coat and round and dark eyes. The American type is typically less muscular than the other types and their coat is usually darker and has a feathering effect. Lastly, the Canadian type stands taller than the other types and has a thinner, darker coat.

Golden retrievers’ topcoats are water resistant and shed throughout the year. The undercoat regulates the dogs’ temperature and sheds as the seasons change. This is why it is important to keep up with grooming.


Golden retrievers are the typical family dogs due to their mild temperament. They are incredibly friendly, both with people they know and strangers. This makes them poor guard dogs. Golden retrievers extend this friendly nature to other animals as well. They are also very intelligent, which makes them easy to train and very obedient.

Golden retrievers are naturally active dogs. They require regular exercise, so it is a good idea to have a large yard to let them run around and play with toys. However, they do calmly like to roam, so make sure there is a fence around your yard so they do not get loose.

These dogs live on average 11 to 12 years, and are susceptible to specific health issues so regular veterinary checkups are a must. Hip dysplasia and obesity are among the most common health problems among golden retrievers. Cancer is also a major issue, the most common being hemangiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, mast cell tumour, and osteosarcoma. They may also suffer from skin issues, heart disease and joint issues. They often serve as homes for fleas, so flea and tick medication should be on hand to combat this.

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